Pride Kreta

Der KCSD unterstützt/supports den 1. LGBTIQ+ Pride in Heraklion auf Kreta 26-27. Juni 2015


Unser Grußwort nach Kreta/our solidarity adress to crete:

„Dear Friends in Crete,

This is a note of love and solidarity from Kreuzberger CSD Berlin, the non-commercial self-organized „small“ CSD of Berlin.

We heard that you are celebrating the 1st LGBTIQ+ Pride of Crete just on the same weekend as we celebrate our 18th CSD in Kreuzberg. Congratulations!

We share and promote the same values that you are proclaiming. We all want to fight for a world without suppression, in which each individual can develope and act freely in its very personal way and is respected to do so. For a world without sexism, homophopia and transphobia. For a world free of racism, free of economical and monetary injustice, free of reasons to flee but with the right to chose feely a place to live at. For a world free of patriarchism, capitalism and religeous fanaticism!

We heard that your LGBTIQ+ Pride of Crete is feared to be attacked. So please know that we are with you with our hearts and souls. We wish you to be able to stay safe and make yourself visible without being harmed.

We will watch carefully what happens and we will speak out loud if authorities fail to protect you and your rights!

Happy CSD, Happy Festival, Happy Colorful March, Happy LGBTIQ+ Pride of Crete!

Solidary Glitter Greetings from Berlin!

Celebrate diversity!

The Orga-Group of Kreuzberger CSD 2015″

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